Resources for Survivors
  1. What services does WRC provide? Link
  2. How do I begin my journey with WRC? Link
  3. Engaging with WRC Flowchart Link
  4. Common Feelings and Reactions Link
  5. Breathing Exercises Link
  6. Safe Place Visualization Link
  7. List of Coping Thoughts Link
  8. Strength and Balance Grounding Exercise Link
  9. Information About Triggers Link
  10. Nightmare Protocol Link
  11. 6 Steps to Mindfully Deal with Difficult Emotions Link
  12. Emotion Wheel Link
  13. Power and Control Wheel Link
Reporting to Police & the Court Process
  1. WRC Court Process Flowchart Link
  2. WRC Reporting to Police Flowchart Link
  3. About WRC Justice Response Service Link
  4. The Court Process Diagram Link
  5. Criminal Case Process Flowchart Link
  6. Police – Victims Information Link
  7. Police – Video Resources Link
Resources for Friends, Family, Whānau and Supporters
  1. Info for Family and Friends Link
  2. A Parent’s Guide Link
  3. WRC Information Booklet for Survivors and Supports Link
  4. Teaching Young Children Consent Quick Guide Link
  5. Supporting Survivors Quick Guide Link

Common Myths About Sexual Harm