What is sexual harm?
Our definition of sexual harm is very broad and includes any form of unwanted physical, verbal or visual sexual contact. It can occur in person or online. It may  involve one or more people. It may have happened once or many times.
The impacts of sexual harm can be different for every person, and we are here to help you heal from its impacts.

Information for Survivors

It is not your fault
Nobody is to blame for their experience of sexual harm. Things such as clothing, behaviour, and alcohol consumption do not invite sexual harm and it is not your fault, no matter the circumstances.

Common feelings
Some things you may be feeling are shame, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, and numbness. These are common responses which many survivors experience.

The impacts of sexual harm are broad and can affect many aspects of your life, including relationships, self-esteem, sleep, hygiene, eating habits and the ability to work or study. Remember that these feelings will not last forever, and we can support you to work through them.

Everyone responds differently
Although the above responses are common, there is no ‘normal’ or right or wrong reaction to your experience. Behaviours and responses to trauma differ and can change as time passes.

You are not alone
Sexual harm is common in our society, and you are not alone in your experience. We can support you through your healing journey, alongside supporting your friends, family and whānau so that you have strong support systems around you.