Here are some brief tips for hiding your visit to our website.

Leave this page.

The quickest way to hide the site is usually just to close the window.

  • Windows: “ALT ” key and “F4” (Please note: on some laptops you will also need to press “FN” to use the “F” functions).
  • Apple Macintosh: “Apple’ key and ‘W”

Use a safe computer

It is often safest to access our site from a safe computer either at an internet café, library or a friends house. However if this is not possible there are some other options.

Use private or incognito browsing

Private or incognito browsing means that your internet history is not stored on the computer. You can use this function by right-clicking on your browser icon and then selecting “Start Incognito Browsing” or “Open In-Private Browser”.  In Safari select “Edit” and then “Private Browsing”.

This is also available on most smartphones.

Clear your browser history

There are various ways to do this and they also vary depending on the specific browser you are using:

Internet Explorer

  1. Click on the favourites (a star icon) button in the upper-right hand corner of the browser.
  2. Right click on “today” (or which ever time frame you wish to delete- to avoid suspicion should anyone check the browser history later, we recommend only deleting todays history).
  3. Click “delete”.

Google Chrome and Firefox

  1. Click on the settings (a cog or list icon) button in the upper-right hand corner of the browser.
  2. Click on the history tab (in Chrome you will need to select history again from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click “Clear recent history” or “Clear browsing data”.
  4. You will then be asked the time frame which you wish to delete. Although this is up to you, it can be a good idea only to delete the past few hours to avoid suspicion should anybody later check the browser history.


  1. Click “History” in the upper-left hand corner of the browser.
  2. Click “Clear history” or “Reset safari”. (Please note this will delete all browsing history).