HOW we will work with you


It’s ok if you do not identify as a ‘survivor’ or do not label what happened as rape or sexual abuse. It’s ok if you’re worried about something that happened last night or years ago or if you are worried about something that happened to a friend and just want to talk things over.

We believe you. Your needs drive how we work with you. We will work with you as a whole person. We will base our services on what you want and need.

You are safe. Everything you tell us is confidential, and we will never do anything you’re not comfortable with.

We support you to make your own decisions. You have the right to determine what’s best for yourself and your own body.

Whatever you feel is ok. We recognise that the impact of rape and sexual abuse is different for each person and can affect every part of your life, or affect you in ways you don’t expect.

We work with your strengths so you can heal; we will walk alongside you until you can walk confidently without us.

We value and nurture your relationships. You are welcome to bring your children or a support person with you when you visit us. We understand the importance of parenting and keeping your children safe.

We understand that reaching out for support can be scary. Please call or drop in on us if you have any questions or concerns about rape or sexual abuse.